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This unforgettable collection features Asian men and Black women (AMBW) in a fun selection of short stories. Love Journey Books brings together some of the most unforgettable AMBW stories, beautifully written by the authors themselves.

Chased Back to Love

Book 4: AMBW Winter Romance Series Actor and singer, Hyun-Li had lost everything because he had broken up with the wrong woman. His ex-girlfriend had taken everything from him - his career, his reputation, millions of dollars, and his peace of mind. She even tried to take his life. Then he met Monique.


This is the other side of love. Heartfelt. Honest. Genuine. Inescapable. Love. Crystal has a secret that leaves her former best friend, Cameron, torn. Crystal was his first kiss, his first time, his first love. She was his most precious memories. But Nicole is his love, his light, and his happiness. Crystal made the ultimate sacrifice and walked away once to protect him. She is willing to do it again. Cameron would always be her one regret and fatal flaw. What happens when everything comes to the light? What’s the right thing to do?

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